What home security system should you have?

Are you a current home owner?  Have you just recently built your home, or are you living in a home that was already built?  No matter what type of home you are living in there is something that you could be doing in order to make your home property safe for you and your family.  There are always going to be older homes and then home that are brand new.  The age of your home does not matter when it comes to putting a professionally installed home security system into your home.  There are older homes that will still have the capability of getting a home security system installed.  However, it may be a little bit more of a challenge to install a home security system on an older home.  This is simply nothing that you will need to worry too much about because everything can be made possible with a team of professionals that has been working on installing home security systems for many years.

If you are considering building a new home, you may want to consider your options either before you begin the building project or before the project is too far along.  A home security system will be the easiest to install during the building project of your home.  This way you will have an option to install a more advanced and higher end home security system.  The reason for this is because there will be an option to have the home security system hard wired into the foundation of your home to ensure the highest quality of the home security system.

There are typically more options that are available to you if you would like the home security system to be completely wired through the foundation of your home.  There are security cameras that usually come with the more advanced home security systems.  This allows live time video surveillance surrounding your home, as well as the interior for some of the home security systems.  There is then the option for the security cameras to only take photos so that it is not continuously running.  Some of the security cameras that come along with the home security systems will have an option to have a motion detector.

The systems that will have this feature will only have security cameras that will take photos whenever there is any type of motion that is detected in the presence of the camera.  The only down side to the security cameras that have this option is that some criminals may know how to trick these types of security cameras.  They may have the right idea to wave something in front of the camera to make it snap a photo and then while the security camera is snapping a photo of that fake object them will do the breaking in of the home.  If you have enough money in your budget for a home security system, it will be a very good idea to consider the system that includes 24 hour surveillance cameras.

Home automation can keep your home safe.

http://www.unitedsysco.com/services/video-surveillance-cctv/Home automation is one of those modern conveniences that really does make the life of people who have it much easier.  Home automation means connecting various aspects of your home to a central control center, which can be either your phone, a control panel in your home, or your computer, where they can all be controlled in one simple place.  For the elderly or people with disabilities, they make life easier, and even provide independence because they can still live on their own without having to physically do many of the tasks that are difficult for them.  You can connect your lights, your television, your video game console, the speakers in your home, and so much more.  You can even connect your home security system and your security camera to the system.  Home automation strengthens your home’s security system, and helps you to remain safe with a strong peace of mind.

The first reason that home automation makes your home safer is that it can be set up to remind you to do all of the things necessary to secure your home.  From your home automation, you can ensure that all aspects of your home security system are turned on.  You can ensure that the doors of your home are locked, that your porch lights are turned on, and that your system is active.  Home automation allows you to be sure that your carbon monoxide poison detectors are turned on and active, that your burglary sensors are turned on, and that everything in the system is functioning.  Think of home automation as the final check when you are doing your rounds around the house to make sure all of the doors are locked and all of the windows are closed.

The second reason that home automation keeps your home safe is that you can control it far from away.  Rather than having to be next to your security system, you can activate it and deactivate, check your security cameras, make sure the system is functioning, and more, and you can do it from anywhere in the country.  Most home automation systems can be controlled from your phone or from your computer, so if you are sitting at work and you aren’t sure if you locked the door behind you, you can double check.  This gives you more peace of mind and strengthens the security system in your home.

The third way that home automation strengthens your security system is through the use of notifications.  Even if you are at work, on vacation, or even if you are laying in bed and you don’t want to get up, your home automation will notify you of any problems.  You can also create a checklist that it will notify you of every night, such as if the doors and windows are closed or if the television and the lights are all turned off.   Home automation brings the convenience of modern technology to your home security system, and serves as another way of reminding you that you are safe in your own home.

You Should Do the Sensible Thing and Install a Good Home Security System, to Protect Your Home.

home securityWanting to protect your family and home from harm is natural, but you should go about doing so in an intelligent way.  After all, you cannot live your life in constant fear, and being overly zealous about security is rarely a good thing.  Instead of filling your head with fear and nonsense, you should do the sensible thing and install a good home security system, to protect your home.  Home security systems, today, are far more advanced than they once were, and they can be used to defend against many different potential dangers, including home invasions, fires, and other disasters.

Though it is not the number one risk to your home, the first thing that people think of when they think of protection is defense against home invaders.  Though violent crime is actually going down, there is always a risk of such an occurrence, so you should prepare yourself, with a good security system.  The way home security systems prevent burglaries is extremely effective and extremely responsive.  Your home is fitted with motion detectors, which will be set off, as soon as it detects someone breaking in.  These systems are incredibly sensitive, though, which means they can be set off, even by other people who are not burglars.  For example, it is not uncommon for people to set off their own alarm systems, by mistake.  When this does happen, you can cancel the emergency response by entering the correct numerical code, which should have been assigned, when you first got your home security system.

Of course, in addition to the basic home security package, a lot of people like to install security cameras, as well.  They can be a great way to prevent crime, as well as a way to record criminal activity, in the event that it is necessary.  Security camera systems today are especially useful, as you can connect them to any device of your choosing.  This means that you can view footage that is occurring in your home, even if you are miles away, as long as you have your portable device, with you.  This is a great way to put your mind at ease, in the event that you leave the house and cannot remember if you did something important, such as closing the front door or the garage door.

In fact, due to a growing field, known as home automation, it is now easy to control all of these things, as well.  If you do choose to automate your home, you can easily control almost every electronic function in your home, from wherever you are.  Everything from your television to your air conditioning can be linked to the device you chose.  Though there are some concerns, with regards to all of the technological advancements of the past few years, there are a lot more benefits, especially in the field of home automation.  Whether you only want to protect your home from burglaries, or you want to be able to control your home remotely, home automation has a lot to offer.

Getting a Secure Home Easily

There has been a lot of damage done to our back yard over the course of the summer, and we can’t figure out exactly what it is that is causing all the damage. So we decided the other day to install some security cameras in our back yard to see if we can keep an eye on whatever it is that is happening back there. We each have our theories, but this system is hopefully going to put all that to shame and show us exactly what is going on back there. It has never happened when we aren’t home, but it does happen when we are gone and it is dark out.

I’m thinking that it may be raccoons that are playing back there, ripping plants out of the ground and throwing the trash from the garbage can everywhere. He thinks that it is the teen age kids who live next door, just bored and trying to have some fun at the neighbors expense. Well, we were able to find a great deal on these security cameras, and they are really simple to install and not too noticeable.

security camerasWe already have some lights back there and that hasn’t really sopped anything, which must be why it happens when we aren’t there to see it since the lights are on. So he put up the cameras the other day just after the sun went down, trying not to draw any attention to himself so that if it were the teens next door they wouldn’t be clued in to the fact that we got ourselves security cameras to catch them. We haven’t been gone from the house at night yet this week, so we haven’t really gotten to test the theory yet, but we have tested the security cameras just on whatever happens to be out there. They easily pair with your phone and your tv, and so you can just choose when you want to turn them on and view and when you don’t. If you turn them on, you can just see whatever is streaming from the cameras on the phone screen, so you know immediately what is happening, as it is happening. Security cameras are hopefully going to be what solves this little mystery for us, because we don’t want to leave at night without knowing what is out there, and we don’t want to fix the back yard with the clean up and replanting and such, until we can ensure that it won’t keep happening.

The next step may be to install them in the house, so that we can always have a record of what happens when we are gone, and if someone ever did break in we would have the footage right away, because it goes instantly to the cloud and is saved there. It wouldn’t even matter if someone broke in and stole the cameras, we would still have the images and footage of that break in from being saved on the cloud. So that is where we will go next, after we solve this mystery.

Home Security Systems Guideline and Tips

Break-in or burglaries are mostly likely done by amateurs than professional thieves. That is why securing one’s home is very important because even the simplest ways on doing it can save not only your property but most importantly the lives of your family.

There are lots of ways to start with on what to have for your home security. It can be simple ways from keeping your yard clean so thieves has nowhere to hide, or keep your front door clean from stocking up your mails or newspaper, giving an impression that you are always not at home or go grand as having or installing home automation. This is where you can control the security systems and alarms of your home even if you’re not inside your home or by the mere use of internet and your smart phone.

securing one’s home


Here are some simple tips and guideline where you can start on securing your home:

Locks for the doors and windows

Door and window locks should be as secure as the door and window itself. It is better to have a double sock system than just rely on the lock that is on the door knob. This is an attractive way for people who slide off or use plastic credit cards to open doors. A use of deadbolt can be a very good prevention for these kinds of burglars.

If door and window locks are broken, have it fix immediately or just replace it with a brand new lock.

House keys

It is a common practice to leave the keys under one’s doormat or putting it somewhere in a plant. It works but since it is very common, any burglars can easily look for and use it to enter one’s home.

One way to do it differently is so to put the key in a can and bury it somewhere where you can easily get it in case you need it. Another way is just to have everyone in the house have their own spare key.

Choosing the type of door and window

French doors and windows are really good to look at but it is also one of the easily type of door and window to break in. For any type of doors and windows per say, it is very important to have a good home security system to use.

Securing one’s door and window by putting more than one type of home security alarm should be the best way to go and for French doors and windows, having double locks can be very useful.

Proper lighting

The house should also be properly lit. It is easier to break in someone house if it is dark. It creates the impression that people inside are sleeping or just away from home. Create a security alarm that detects motions in cases burglars or intruders try to break in the house.


Dogs are men’s best friend and yes they can be one of the best security animals to guard one’s home. Proper training is a must. Since dogs have this natural loyalty and the characteristic to protect his owner they will be the best defense you will have for intruders.

Prevention is always better than cure. Whatever type of home security system applied at home, whether it may be with the use of grand security system or the simplest one, proper execution for this should done. An alert and calm mind is also a good characteristic to have than to get easily panic if unseen break in would happen.

Few benefits of home security system

This is a well known fact that advanced monitoring and security systems can greatly increase your home security, but this is not the only benefit that you get with this system. Along with home security you get so many other advantages as well and some of these advantages are listed below in this article.

You can focus on more important things: Many time people find it very much difficult to concentrate on their work and other important things because they remain in dilemma about the security of their home. With the help of an advanced security system, they can stay worry free about the security of their home and they can do their work with more concentration and you can focus on more important things.

Protection of family from intruders: If any burglar or intruder gets into your house, then he may not only put your valuable at risk, but this problem can affect your family and loved one as well. However, if you have an advanced security and monitoring system for your home, then fist of all intruders will not try to enter into your house and if any intruder tries to enter in your house, then your family members can a prior alert for this and they can get safety from any possible problem.

Quick response for medical emergencies: In case of medical emergencies, your security system can act as a medical support unit as well. For this you just need to configure the system accordingly and if sense some problematic situation for your family member, then it can help you get quick response from medical team. So, we can also say that security system can also save life of your loved one from medical problems.

Can detect fire and other gases: If you have a properly configured and smart security system in your house, then it may detect smoke, co2 gas, freezing temperature and other similar things as well in your house and can do the necessary actions accordingly. That means you will not need to worry about such problems as well as long as you have a proper and smart home security system in your house.

Automatically alert intrusion report to authorities: As said above chances of intrusion are less in those houses that have security system, but if an intruder tries to enter into your house, then it may alert automatically to authorities. In this case authorities may act very quickly and intruder or burglar may get the chance to go into the house, but he may not come out freely and you will not have to worry about your valuables or family.

Instant monitoring of your valuables: Some time you wish to get updated information about your loved one and family safety from remote distance and modern day security system can do that as well for you. With advanced security system in your house, you can connect it with internet and you can check the safety of your family and valuable from almost anywhere in the world as long as you are connected with a high speed internet.

Benefits of Home Automation

Work and school activities are just some of the major stressors in the lives of many. And after a hard day’s work, people would always look forward to that well spent quality time at home. This is the place where people devote their resting hours to regain the energy consumed by the day’s stressors. This is why our homes should have the essential necessities. Our houses should provide us with the protection from any harmful elements found in every corner outside the house. It is just worth it mentioning that our houses also need to be protected and secured in order for the people living inside to be provided with the a good peace of mind.

home automation

home automation features and equipment

Houses have evolved to a great variety of forms and styles over the ages, an indication that their changing functions are parallel to that of the differences and developments in culture, climate, and availability of the building materials and technology.

Some houses have adapted home innovations that are suited to their needs. A great example of these is home automation which is increasingly gaining its popularity in this modern time. Through home automation, people are able to live a cozier, more efficient life as this automation system provide them with the most up to date, easy access controls from ventilation, electricity, and even home security. These security systems through home automation are all in just a click of a button.

Here are just some benefits of home automation:

It Increase Awareness

Automating one’s home may require having a security camera up. Having a security camera around will definitely increases the awareness of the entire household of what is happening.

Automated Doors

Automated doors are high technology inventions that really bring home security to a new level. It is so easy to lock our doors after us when we in a hurry leaving for work or when our children are scurrying to catch the school bus. Fret not. You can easily lock it when you are in the office. Some automated doors can even be locked by simply tapping your finger to lock it. It’s very easy and fast.

Easy Adjustment for Room Temperature

When leaving home in hurry, we may tend to forget to turn off the room air-conditioning unit or the heater. This may result to having to come home either to a really cold or too hot house. Worry no more because of the home automation system, like the automated doors; you can adjust the temperature from work. This also gives you the ability to adjust the temperature even when you are on your way home. So by the time you enter home, the temperature will just be right.

Peace of Mind

Home automation will definitely give you peace of mind especially when you go out of town. One can enjoy a vacation knowing that the place you left is well protected. You need not to worry whether you have locked the doors and gate before you leave. One doesn’t have to leave the key to the neighbor which is not really safe even if you have known each other for quite sometimes. Temptations are always around the corner having all the possibilities that your neighbor might break into the house.

Home automation can be costly. It is not for everyone. It has a lot of advantages but of course it has its own drawbacks. Nevertheless, if it is something one can afford and will definitely give them whatever they need in the easiest way possible then home automation is the answer.

Home Security Systems can Protect You and Your Family from Various Dangers.

Home security systemsWanting to protect yourself, your household, and your family from various potential dangers is a natural instinct.  However, you should always go about protecting yourself in the most logical way possible.  Being fearful or paranoid never gets anyone anywhere.  Instead, you should simply be prudent and careful.  Home security systems can protect you and your family from various dangers.  Though they are typically thought of as only protecting your home from home invasion, home security systems can actually protect against much more than that.  They can also protect against fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and an array of other potential disasters.  Of course, above all else, a home security system is expected to protect against home invasions, and the good ones do just that.  The way modern day home security systems work is they have special devices stationed throughout the home that can detect if someone has broken in.  Once the devices detect an intruder, they will sound the alarm, alerting the authorities and a dispatch service.  The dispatch service will call you to ask if you are okay.  Because the systems are so sensitive, it is not uncommon for a friend or relative of the owner to set off the alarm by mistake.  That is why the dispatch calls you.  Provided you give them the right information, they can cancel the request to send the police.  Of course, if the police do arrive, it is not that big of a deal, as you can simply explain the confusion.  Chances are, things like that happen all the time.  These security systems are very effective at deterring potential burglars from even striking in the first place, so hopefully you will never have to deal with a home invasion.  More often than not, an intruder will flee at the first sign of an alarm system.  They are even less likely to attempt a home invasion in the first place if you have a clearly labeled home security system.  Security systems only can help once an invasion has happened.  If you just want the peace of mind of being able to know at all times what is going on in your home, you need to get a security camera, too.  More and more homeowners are choosing to install security cameras alongside their home security systems.  For one thing, as technology improves, this is getting easier and easier to do.  You can set up multiple cameras throughout the interior and exterior of your house, so you can see everything that is going on.  Then, you can have the security experts set it up, so the feed from your security cameras goes directly to your smartphone, computer, or other device.  With this type of security camera system, you can always see what is happening in and around your house, even if you are miles away.  For people who worry too much every time they leave the house, this could be the greatest advancement of all time.  After all, it is nice to know what is happening in your own house.

Get a home security system to deter intruders from even attempting to enter your home

home security systemWhen it comes to home invasions and robberies, people have a very stereotypical view of how these things occur. They often imagine it being night time on a moonless night and a robber dressed in all black and wearing a ski mask. This robber will have a lock picking kit and they will expertly pick the lock to gain access. They then look all around for gold, jewelry, and cash to stuff into a bag and make off into the night. The reality is that the majority of home invasions are not like this at all. For the most part, robberies are going to occur in the middle of the day, when no one expects them. The potential thief will probably have cased out your house for a while to see where the potential weaknesses in your security are. For example, perhaps you have a side door to your garage that has a weak lock and can easily be kicked in. They will be looking for an entrance that is not easily seen and they won’t hesitate to make a loud noise for a brief second to gain access. A savvier thief might even disguise themselves as a repair or service man, with a friendly looking vehicle so that neighbors just think that you are having work done on your home. A really good thief will be able to get into your house, take everything of value, and be out and on the road within only ten minutes. This reality is much scarier than the fiction I described earlier, as it is much more likely that someone will get away with such an operation. The best way to get around this kind of scenario is to invest in a home security system.

By having your home wired up with an advanced security system, you are doing what every thief wants to avoid; you are making your home a very difficult job. There is a possibility that a thief could know how to disarm or get around security measures, but that is a risk that they simply are not willing to take. They want to have the easiest job possible, and a home security system complicates an invasion beyond what a thief will want to deal with. Simply having a sign advertising your security system will make a thief think more than twice about trifling with your home. Their worst nightmare is entering a home and having a loud alarm go off, alerting the police and everyone around your home that a crime is in action.

There are some really amazing security systems available in this modern day. They can detect when a door is open, and if a thief gets around that measure, it can then detect movement within your house. Motion detectors are a failsafe against an intruder getting past the entrance security measures, so it would be wise to have that component installed. A lot of home security systems can be integrated with home automation systems, so you can conveniently operate them with a smartphone or a remote PC.

If You Have a Top-Notch Home Security System, You Will Not Need to Worry as Much About Home Invasions.

home securityYour home is your sanctuary, and it is important to be able to feel safe there.  Realistically, though, there are some dangers that are always present, even in your own home.  There is no need to be fearful, though.  You should just educate yourself on potential dangers, and then take the necessary precautions to deal with those dangers.  Home invasions are one thing that every homeowner worries about from time to time.  If you have a top-notch home security system, you will not need to worry as much about home invasions.  Home security systems often scare potential burglars away, since there is usually a sign or sticker indicating that a home has a home security system.  Secondly, once the alarm goes off, most burglars will flee.  The police tend to show up shortly after that, so most burglars will leave before they even get a chance to steal anything.  There is always the chance that you will set off your own alarm by mistake, but this is not a major problem.  You can simply enter the special code designated for your system to end the alarm sequence.  As soon as your alarm is set off, the authorities are notified.  If the sequence is not cancelled, the police will show up and you will have to explain that you accidentally set off your own alarm.  That is why it is best to just remember your code.  The alarm system only comprises the basics of a home security system.  You can choose to get plenty of other features, as well.  If you want to always know what is going on in your house and on your property, you can install some security cameras.  If you have a security camera filming your front and back door, you can always know who is knocking before you answer.  In fact, you can know what is going on at your house, even if you are not in it.  This is because modern security camera systems allow you to watch the feed from your cameras no matter where you are, from your tablet, smartphone, or other device.  Many of the security systems offered by security companies today include a lot more than just the typical home security services.  Many include fire alarms and other features you would not expect, but are, nonetheless, extremely smart to install.  It is easy to assume that smoke detectors are enough, when it comes to fire safety.  Smoke detectors are useless to you if you are out of the house, though.  A smoke detector does not alert the fire department, but a fire alarm does.  If your fire alarm goes off, the fire department will show up, regardless of whether or not you are home.  That way, your house can be saved, even if you are out of town or at work.  To greatly reduce the risk of losing your home to a fire, you can even get sprinkler systems installed, too.  These are essentially the same as the sprinkler systems used in commercial buildings, and they are very effective at stopping small fires.

Many People Invest in Home Security Systems to Protect their Families.

home security systemsNaturally, you want to protect your family and home as much as possible.  There is no need to be paranoid and overly fearful of the world, but you should be cautious and aware of common dangers.  That is why many people invest in home security systems to protect their families.  There are all different kinds of home security systems with all different kinds of features.  Some only protect against burglary and home invasions, while others are more comprehensive.  You should consult with a home security company to find out what kind of services they offer.  The basic concept of most home security systems is the house is set up with an alarm system, so if anyone breaks into your house the alarm will sound, alerting both you and the authorities.  If you somehow accidentally set off your own alarm, you can simply enter a secret code into a keypad.  If you enter the code correctly, the alarm will shut off and the authorities will not come unless they are already on their way, in which case you will have to explain when they get there.  Many burglars do not even attempt to break into homes they know have home security systems.  Plus, they usually leave once the alarm sounds, since they know the police are on their way.  If you are really worried about uninvited people of any kind showing up to your house, you can also have a security camera installed.  These cameras enable you to see who is at your door or outside or inside your home, wherever you are.  You can even view the feeds from the cameras while you are away from home.  That way you can have piece of mind, even if you are out of town.  That way you will not have to call a friend to run over and see if your door is unlocked or something.  I have had to do that before to set my mind at ease, but I would not have had to if I had a security camera.  Of course, protecting your home from burglars is only part of keeping your home secure.  You may also want to consider installing fire alarms.  Everyone is required to have smoke detectors, but they are only useful if you are at home.  If a fire starts while you are away, your smoke detectors will do no good.  That is why many people invest in special fire alarms that alert the fire department when they are set off.  That way, your home can be saved, even if you are not in it.  As an added precaution, you can even get sprinklers installed.  They activate as soon as the alarm system detects a fire.  With a sprinkler system, you may be able to put out the fire before the fire department even arrives.  Fires are a common occurrence.  That is why it is a good idea to include a fire alarm with your home security system.  It is important to be protected from all sorts of dangers.

Home automation is something from the future.

I really think that in the future, all homes will have some sort of home automation system.  There have been a number of movies to come out in the past several years that have featured different sets of families living in the future.  Fortunately, not all of the movies have been like the Robinsons in space and have some sort of apocalyptic theme to them or something like that.  Instead, some of the movies have been pretty cool in the style of future they present.  Almost all of them feature some sort of home automation system.  It is pretty cool what they decide to do and I appreciate the fact that they are willing to be imaginative with all of the possibilities of the future homes that many of us may not live to see.  Nevertheless, I am thrilled to be in the position that we are currently, as a country and globe.  That was actually a bad attempt at a joke.  We are currently positioning ourselves for ruin on both a national and global scale.  We have never been in such a compromising position and I think that a lot of that has been coming down to our position on security.  This can be resource security or home security, but nevertheless, we have never had such a global population be so untrusting.  I really do hope that that changes soon.  Otherwise, we are going to be in a very uncomfortable position in the future and so will our children and their children after that.

home automation

A home automation system would be awesome.

None the home in which I have ever lived have had a home automation system.  That is just the way the world works sometimes.  Nonetheless, I have had the opportunity to stay in some houses that do have a system like that and it’s awesome.  When I was a junior in college, I studied abroad in Mendoza, Argentina.  It was a brilliant time and perhaps the most fun I have ever had in my entire life.  While I was studying abroad, my friend Pat and I traveled to Brazil to visit a girl that had studied abroad with his family in Glenwood Springs, CO.  It was a really cool opportunity to stay with locals and to get to the know the culture a little bit better than we would have staying in a hostel or something like that.  Nonetheless, the one of the really cool aspects of staying at a house like the one in which we stayed was that the family actually owned a home automation business.  They would set up everything that was needed from security cameras to audio systems throughout someone’s house so that they could control all aspects of the home from a single point.  This single point was often an iPad or something like that so the technology just seemed out of this world.  It was really nothing that I had every before experienced and I am thrilled that I got the opportunity to see if first hand.  It was truly a really cool thing to see and I am happy to have done it.

home security systems

How To Keep Your Family Safe

home securityThere are many methods you can use to keep your family safe. Plus even if you live in a perceived safe neighborhood, crime can happen just about anywhere. As such, look into the following tips to help protect your family:

Home Security – these systems are very affordable for many and they do so much. The whole wired house can be protected or alerted in times of fire, carbon monoxide, radon, and even burglaries. Installing a security camera on the outside of your home can also ward off potential thieves from entering the property.

Drills – it’s wise to practice a range of drills with your family in the event of an emergency. There should be an emergency exit in case of a fire. In this event, every member of the household will know the fastest route to escape unharmed. For tornadoes and other natural disasters consider installing a basement that is secure.

Pets – are members of the household, but they are also known for helping to keep their loved ones safe by warning strangers and alerting their pet owners of danger. For this reason, many households will include a pet or two.

Home Insurance – is recommended in most homes, and in many states this is mandatory. You however get to choose what types of insurance you want. The security in these policies include that in the event of loss, you’re standing to regain what you’ve worked hard for through the policy.

From security systems, to teaching kids to be wary of strangers, you can never be too careful.

How to Save On Your Electric Bill

home securityDid you know that your home security system is not only functional for protecting your home and family from fire and burglars, but these systems can furthermore save on your electric bill? We’ll address some of the top ways that this is made possible:

You can control the lights – when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, the whole world changed. When the internet was marketed to the masses, the whole world changed again. Put these two together, with the fast paced nature of technology, and you get a home automation system where your lights can be controlled from several thousand miles away. You could be in Japan and still be able to turn your lights on and off. You can furthermore check in with your family if you frequently travel on business, to see they’re well tucked in for the night. This is why these home security systems have become so popular.

Not to stray too much from the point however, as this article is focused on energy savings. In addition to being able to control your lights, you can live like a king by being able to also control your window draping. Say for instance you own a vacation home, and keep the air on for climate control of expensive furnishings and appliances. You’re able to open up or close the draping based on the exterior temperature. This brings us to the other point:

You’ll also able to set up your thermostat to be adjusted based on exterior weather conditions. Furthermore, you can also control your appliances that use electricity. This is the power of home automation.

Charles Peace Famous 1800s Cat-Burglar

Charles Peace was one of the most infamous burglars in history, terrorizing over one thousand English households during his reign. Peace was born in England in 1832 and ended up committing most of his crimes in London throughout his lifetime of forty-seven years. While some burglars are non-violent, Charles Peace was also a very violent individual, often shooting at or attacking his victims or pursuers. Peace’s first robbery was thought to be stealing a gold watch from an elderly man in Sheffield, England. Since that time, he was in and out of jail as his burglaries became more and more sophisticated. In today’s world, he would have had to learn to get around home automation systems but in the 1800s, he simply had to break in undetected or be ready for a confrontation which he didn’t back down from.  He shot a man in Sheffield and eventually made his way to London where the majority of his crimes took place. Peace was a violinist and charaded as a professional but at night he would target wealthy homes for robbery. He was the owner of many nice homes with the profits he made from his burglaries. Eventually, it was his girlfriend that tipped off the police, not a security camera, because she wanted the one hundred pounds reward for Peace’s capture. Police were waiting for him at the mansion he burglarized. They were waiting at a stakeout as he climbed through a window of the mansion. He was executed at age forty-seven for his crimes.

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Security cameras are everywhere.

One of the things that I have learned by watching the news is that security cameras are everywhere.  It seems like as soon as something happens, someone on the newscast has some footage of the individual from a nearby security camera.  The strange thing is that it is not very often that a suspect is caught due to the footage coming from a security camera.  That said, there have been some very high profile cases recently in which a suspect was caught because he or she appeared on security footage and the police were able to send out the images to the public to get more information. It was a recent event in Boston that comes to mind and after reading about the story through the most recent issue of the Rolling Stone, it seems that people were aware of who the suspect was almost immediately.  It is really too bad the whole thing had to occur, but I feel very thankful that the police were able to apprehend the suspect so quickly and without too much incident.  Anyway, another thing that surprises me about security cameras is that they have not done a better job at deterring crime.  Well, I guess, possibly they have through their presence.  That is very difficult to track, but it is entirely possible that someone putting up a camera actually has a huge effect on the presence of crime in his or her neighborhood.  I am not really sure, but that could be the case, especially with home security.

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Home security is a great thing to have.

Many of my relatives have home security systems.  I think each of them have it for difference reasons and some of them are not systems at all.  Some of my relatives have these great dogs that act as a home security system and bark at just about everything that moves.  I think that this is the best system available.  You get the loving kindness of a dog and at the same time you have a way to keep your valuables safe from theft.  In the future, I think that I would want to get a dog that could serve the same purpose.  I know that when I was growing up I had a dog named Sadie that would protect me from anything.  She was part husky and golden lab, so she was a bigger dog.  She would make sure that nothing came between me and something else.  Or someone else.  It was really reassuring to have that kind of protection when I was younger.  When I have kids, I intend to do the same thing.  It is not a home security system exactly, but I think it works better in a lot of respects.  One that that I do want to buy is some locks.  I think that it would be cool to purchase a set of old lockers you could put outside and sort sports equipment in or something like that.  So in summary, I think that home security is great, but it’s best when it’s a big dog.

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Why Does Home Security Matter?

security systemsYou may think that your home and your family are safe, but they may not be as safe as they could be. United Security Systems wants to make sure that you know that they can help make your family safer by installing one of their great home security systems and home automation systems in your home. They want to make sure that you have piece of mind when it comes to your home because they know how important it is to know that you and every single member of your family is safe as well as your stuff. This is one of those companies that is dedicated to making sure that their customers get everything that they need and that they never feel like their home security company is not there for them. When you install a home security system it is not just a one time thing. You will be relying on this company for as long as you have the system and for as long as you have the home so you are going to want to make sure that you establish a good relationship with them from the start and United Security Systems will do this. They know that security systems for homes and businesses are far more than just a business transaction but that they are something far more important. When you work with this company you will be getting a home security partner for life and that is just another thing that you can feel secure about.

Home Automation at Your Fingertips

Advancements have been taking place a lot in the last years. Because of all the opportunities that we have of accessing things online from our computers it makes home automation much more possible today than ever before. Last year I had the opportunity to set up my sprinkler system to be automated. I could go on line and access my sprinklers without even being home. Home automation makes things like this possible. Have you ever leave the house and forget to do something forget to turn off the furnace or turn the sprinklers on? By having your home automated you can access your home and prevent forgetfulness.home automation We often remember things later on and to be able to fix the things that we forgot to do through automation is a solution to these kinds of problems. Just last year I had a sister-in-law who when leaving the home decided to turn the furnace all the way down to 60 before they left their home thinking that it would keep everything off. The problem was they live in Las Vegas and seat is a huge problem. Because she turned it all the way down and left the home he caused her air-conditioner to be on the whole time they were gone. They were out of town for a whole week and when the bill came for that month it reached over $600. She thought about what she did later on and if she had been able to access her home she could’ve known the mistake she made in be able to fix it while being away. Home security systems can do so much more today and with home automation you can access your home anywhere at any time.